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Provisional Site Visits 2012


- Tour KZ-Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

- Tour of Mauer Museum Park and Berlin Wall Memorial

- Visit Federal Finance Ministry, Meet with officials on German Perspective on European Crisis

- Visit Bundestag (German Parliament) and meet with Member of CDU

- Visit to Federal Foreign Ministry and meet with Markus Loening, German High - Commissioner for Human Rights

- Tour Stazi Museum


- Tour Spanish Parliament

- Meet with Policy Makers at Finance Ministry

- Meeting with representatives of Spanish labor unions

- Meeting with Journalist who has covered the debt crisis extensively

The Hague

- Tour Dutch Parliament and meet with Steph Bloc, Member Liberal Party

- Attend hearing at International Criminal Court, meet with representative of the prosecutor’s office

- Attend Karadzic case International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, meet with representative of the prosecutor’s office


- Tour Flemish Parliament, meet with representative

- Tour European Parliament, meet with visitors office

- Meeting at European Commission


- Attend hearing at The French Constitutional Court, Meet with Judge from the court.