Welcome to Emory University's Berlin Program in European Politics website. This website will provide you with more information on the Berlin Program. Come join us in Europe to study Economic Policymaking, Human Rights and Comparative Judicial Politics! This 2012 program will run from May 20 to June 28, 2012.  

The program is based in the magical city of Berlin, Germany where students will spend four weeks living and studying. Following our stay in Berlin, the program will travel to Madrid, The Hague, Brussels and Paris where we will meet with experts and policymakers.  Enjoy small class sizes with Emory faculty and challenging courses on the most relevant political topics of today such as the European Debt Crisis. Finally, come and enjoy the culture and nightlife that Germany and Western Europe has to offer. 

Emory students on a walk past the Berliner Dom in Berlin

Emory students meet with Labour Union leaders in Dublin 
to discuss the Irish financial crisis 

Emory Students on the top of the Bundestag, the national parliament of the German Federation, following a meeting with CDU/CSU parliamentarian.

The broad themes covered by the courses include the political life of the countries of contemporary Europe including, civil society, representative and judicial institutions, and the role of the European Union, and the effects of European integration on the political processes of European countries.  The program also focuses on the politics of the rule of law, and the regional and national political challenges faced by European countries, such as migration, social welfare policy and human rights.  

Emory Students at the European Parliament in Brussels 

Participating in the program will give
 students the opportunity to observe first hand the operation of political institutions in contemporary Europe.  All of the courses offered were designed to take advantage of the unique opportunity to visit institutions and meet policymakers and experts from across Europe. 

If you have more questions after exploring this website, please feel free to contact the Program Director, Professor David R. Davis at poldd@emory.edu or the Program Assistant, Nicole Baerg at nicole.baerg@emory.edu