Starting a Student Group

All medical school groups are chartered through the SGA, but require the approval of MSS before receiving a charter.  Please refer to the PowerPoint at the bottom of the page (SGA_MSS Chartering Bylaws.pptx) for details of the SGA chartering process.  Before your group receives approval for an SGA charter, you must present your constitution and projected annual budget to the MSS general body; only then may you submit your request to the SGA for approval.

The Medical Student Senate has THREE requirements for charters

All chartered organizations must:
1.    Represent a unique mission within the MSS Division
2.    Reflect positively on Emory University and the School of Medicine
3.    Send a representative to a monthly MSS meeting to propose a tentative budget before submitting for SGA charter

The basic steps for chartering (see powerpoint below for more information):
  1. Check the medical student organizations page to make sure that there isn't already a group like the one you are interested in starting.
  2. Submit the following to the (MSS VP Administration)
    1. A written constitution for your organization. (A template is available below)
    2. Club Advisor, Leadership, and Membership Roster Form (Available below)
      1. A listing of the current leadership for the organization, with contact information.  President and Treasurer are the minimum.
      2. Membership roster, including the 7-digit student ID numbers for students.  At least 10 members are required.
      3. Name and contact information for the club advisor (this must be a faculty member).
  3. Attend the next MSS Meeting to present your plans for your new student group. (check the calendar)
  4. If approved by MSS, please submit your request to the SGA HERE.
  5. Await final approval from SGA - you will be contacted directly by an SGA member
  6. Once approved, you may plan events for your group and request funding as needed
  7. If your charter is approved, please make sure to submit an official budget to the MSS Treasurer and attend the budget meeting in May (the meeting date will be announced to all in advance of the meeting)
  8. If your charter is denied by MSS or by SGA, you may appeal the decision as outlined in the SGA bylaws, which you will find HERE.
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