Welcome! This site is the homepage of the Seminar on Iwasawa Theory And Ramification (SITAR), a student learning seminar on Iwasawa theory at Emory University from Spring 2018.

Organized by Jackson S. Morrow & David Zureick-Brown.

The seminar will be held on Wed. from 1:00 pm -- 3:00 pm in room W302.

  1. Learn about interactions between analytic and algebraic number theory
  2. Understand the proof of the Main Conjecture of Iwasawa theory in simplest case
  3. Prepare for the 2018 Arizona Winter School
References to be followed/surveys:
  1. Coates and Sujatha, Cyclotomic Fields and Zeta Values
  2. Washington, Introduction to Cyclotomic Fields*
  3. Sharifi, Iwasawa Theory
  4. Kato, Iwasawa theory and generalizations
*Email me at jmorrow4692@gmail.com for a copy.

The below schedule is tentative and will be updated throughout. Here is a preliminary syllabus for the seminar.

DateSpeaker Topic 
 1/19 Jackson
Motivation (Coates--Sujatha, 1.1--1.3)
Statement of results (Coates--Sujatha, 1.4 --1.5)
A Theorem of Coleman (Coates--Sujatha, 2.1-- 2.3)
Logs and Derivatives (Coates--Sujatha, 2.4 -- 2.6)
p-adic measures (Coates--Sujatha, 3.1-- 3.3)
Fundamental Exact Seq. (Coates--Sujatha, 3.4 -- 3.5)
Iwasawa's theorem (Coates--Sujatha, 4.1-- 4.4)
Relation to Main Conj. (Coates--Sujatha, 4.4 -- 4.7)
2/21 Lea
Euler systems I (Coates--Sujatha, 5.1-- 5.3)
Euler systems II (Coates--Sujatha, 5.4 -- 5.5)
The Main Conjecture (Coates--Sujatha, 6.1 -- 6.3)