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  • Emoticons and Stickers
    Facebook also has an emoticon implementation which uses Facebook-specific codes to show a color emoticon, as well as an extensible sticker collection. Emojis from Facebook Messenger are displayed below.
    There's a place you have to 🔎 find, where the secret symbols ✨ shine. Shapes that you have never 👀 seen, never 👅 tasted, always 💤 dreamed. Join ℱṦymbols in our silent Internet conquest of interesting, expressive and beautiful use of symbols and emoji on facebook and the Web. It's all about the art of converting abstract meanings into marvelous text symbols you never thought you had on your computer. Join our conquest to push texting culture forward❣ You'll find collections of text emoticons, text pictures that you can use on Facebook and on Twitter and lots of cool text-to-symbols converters.
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  • Emoji
    The emoji is World Translation Foundations’s latest Emoji art project. The WTF Emoji Dictionary is the first crowdsourced Emoji resource on the web. Similar to Wikipedia, we rely on the community to share, build and define the Emoji that have so long remained shrouded in mystery.

    Emojli was set up as a joke by two people in their spare time and despite the occasional call from confused investors, it isn't a startup. Over 60,000 of you may have downloaded our apps, but very few people actually used it. To keep Emojli running after August we would have had to spend a decent amount of money, and it just wasn't worth it for the joke.

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  • Emoji Angry
    Emoji Angry
    An angry looking face. Has inward-facing eyebrows, and a frowning mouth. Expresses anger, grumpiness or annoyance at a situation. The Angry Face emoji was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010. 

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    😠 Also Known As 
    😠 Angry Emoji 
    😠 Grumpy Face Emoji

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  • Emoji Smiley
    A smiling face, with smiling eyes and rosy cheeks. Showing a true sense of happiness. This emoji smiles with its mouth closed, which makes it different from the other smiling face which generally show teeth with an open mouth. On Snapchat, this emoji next to a contact denotes that this person is one of your best friends; someone you are in frequent contact with. May be used in a similar context to the text-based ^^ emoticon. 
    The Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes emoji was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010. 

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    😊 Also Known As 
    😊 ^^ emoji 
    😊 Happy Face Emoji 
    😊 Smile Emoji 
    😊 Smiley Face Emoji

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  • Emoji Facebook
    Emoji Facebook has many types of emoji designs, with the most notable being the new Messenger emojis. Messenger Emojis Facebook recently released new emoji support within its Messenger app for iOS and Android. These Messenger Emojis are complete redesigns of the whole set, with no images in common with the previous Facebook Website emoji set. Desktop Website Facebook Website emoji images appear for users of the desktop website, on a Mac or PC. Facebook apps for iOS and Android use native emojis for their respective platform, instead of Facebook's own emoji images. It is not clear if or when these will be replaced with the newer Messenger emojis. Emoji Reactions Facebook provides animated "emoji" reactions to posts. 

    Facebook Reaction Emojis do not correspond to specific emojis in the Unicode standard. :
    👍 Like — Thumbs Up 
    ❤️ Love — Beating Heart 
    😂 Haha — Laughing Face 
    ☺️ Yay — Smiling Face (discontinued) 
    😯 Wow — Surprised Face 
    😢 Sad — Crying Face, showing an animated tear 
    😡 Angry — Red / Angry / Pouting Face
    Web: emoji
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