Digital Media Stack Training

This is the first Empower Media Network training activity specifically aimed at supporting EMN coaches and relevant youth work practitioners.  The aim of the training is to give a variety of media production, facilitation and project management skills to practitioners working face-to-face with young people and to increase their capacity to undertake youth-in-action projects involving digital media.  By using the ‘stack’ of media in various arrangements youth workers can ‘tailor’ the media experience based on their knowledge of the young person’s needs, capacity and interests.

Recent News
Hello again! As the year ends, I have the great pleasure of telling you that all places on the course are now full.  Including participants, support workers and trainers we now have 44 people attending the training.  We have people from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzgovina, Italy, U.S.A, Australia, Ireland, Turkey, Israel and Portugal. 

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It is our hope that this training will give you greater awareness of Empower Media Network activities and Youth-In-Action opportunities.
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The better you prepare for the training workshop the more you will benefit from it. 
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We also need to know more about you so we can adjust the training to benefit you and your youthwork practice.
Next Steps 
If you have not sent us all the necessary documents, can you try and send them to use over the next few days?
Stop Motion Animation......New!
Checkout Brick's sneak preview of the session we will be doing on stop-motion animation.....Click here.

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