Emmon Faucet Group 

Emmon Faucet Group is a bitcoin cryptocurrency faucet where users can earn, collect or claim free bitcoins within a given period of time after completing a simple task and captcha service. 

Emmon faucet group basically consists of

1. Emmon Faucet                 - http://emmonfaucet.ga
3. Emmon Dash Faucet.      - http://emmonfaucet.ga/dash/
4. Emmon Litecoin faucet.  - http://emmonfaucet.ga/ltc/
Emmon Faucet Group Micro payment system 

The following Micro payment system is used on Emmon faucet groups .

1. Emmon Faucet .                 -  Faucethub 
2. Emmon Adult Faucet.       -  Faucetsystem 
3. Emmon Dash Faucet.        - Faucethub 
4.Emmon Litecoin Faucet.    - Faucethub 

How to Earn/ Claim Bitcoin from Emmon  Faucet

1. Insert your registered faucethub wallet in the space provided
2. Click on the reCaptcha and solve media and complete the task
3. Click on the login button
4. On the Captcha page click on the similar font style then click on the claim button