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Broadly, my research interests lie in the study of Southern masculinity(ies) from the 1820s to the 1930s. Drawing on literary historiography, I hope to examine the development of a model of Southern gentility, chivalry, and honor, particularly as this literary production reflected a growing sense of Southern regional identity.


My research tends to focus on questions concerning:


  • Masculinity/Masculine rhetoric
  • Southern gentility/identity
  • Trauma and memories
  • Fidelity to the South
  • Summoning and memory of place
  • Civil war
  • The Southern renaissance
  • The New south


Although my current focus is in the area of Southern literature and I do plan to produce considerably more scholarship on the topic, I have other interests.

My secondary area of specialization is Victorian literature and most specifically, Jane Austen’s fiction.

I have also been trained in both rhetoric and media-centered programs and enjoy using all these skills in a variety of ways. The variety of my research interests also translate in the classes I teach.