Expatriate Consultant
"Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance." Will Durant                                Teaching Portfolio

Since July 2007, I also work as an Expatriate Consultant/Trainer for Prudential Relocation and Intercultural Services

I love this opportunity to give back a little bit of what I have learned over the years, being an expatriate professional in the USA.

Trained as a consultant for Prudential Relocation and Intercultural Services (and being myself an expatriate), I know that when expatriates (and their families) understand the culture in which they will be living and studying, they are much more likely to succeed in reaching their goals.


  • Provide group and one-on-one cultural training to adult professionals who have either just arrived in the US, are about to move abroad, or are working with international colleagues and customers. 
  • Serve as translator and/or interpreter when needed.
  • Give coaching sessions that help expatriates focus on individual concerns in the areas of daily living, adjustment or business issues after arrival in the new culture.