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I am now teaching English classes at the University of Perpignan, in the South of France.

(Anglais de Spécialité/ English for Specific Purposes)



Rhetoric and Composition

Perspectives on Argument

Reading Literature and Writing  Argument

American Literature in context

English for Communication  Master 1

Translation - LEA - Univ of Avignon



French 1001

French 1002

French 2001

French 2002



Associate director study abroad

Expatriate Consultant

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Welcome to Emmeline Gros’ teaching portfolio. On this site, I have compiled a number of documents, my professional profile, my CV, my teaching philosophy, course information, evaluations, and a number of other resources to help you get a sense of my professional and research background and interests.  


Born in the South of France (Provence), I graduated with a B.A. in English from the University of Avignon and later, with a M.A from the University of Toulon. In 2002, I was selected as a rotary scholar to start a PhD in American Literature at Georgia State University, Atlanta, Ga.


I have recently graduated with a Ph.D. in Literary Studies and a Doctorat in English Studies from the Université de Versailles-St Quentin en Yvelines and from Georgia State University (GSU). 

My core areas of research comprise Southern American Literature as well as Composition Pedagogy and Theory, especially that related to the use of technology.



I was also a graduate student (M.A) in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at GSU and graduated in May 2008 with a Masters in French Studies (High Pass)


At GSU, I have taught Rhetoric and Composition classes (including a class on Reading Literature and Writing Argument). I have also taught Elementary and Intermediate French classes.


If you have any question about the content that appears on this site, please feel free to contact me at emmelinegros@gmail.com.

 Spring 2008 - My classes of English 1102 Reading Literature and Writing Argument

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