Ph.D Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

My research interests focus in the fields of Ecological Immunology and Evolutionary Biology. I am developing research projects on environmental and genetic factors that shape the multiple host and parasite communities interactions and their evolutionary dynamics.
Currently I am investigating the resistance, resilience and funtional redundancy of host-associated microbial communities and their roles in adaptation to environmental perturbations in a global changes context. These questions are explored through wild fish species, native and introduced, inhabiting anthropogenized watershed; and still through previous collaborations on mouse challenging a gut nematode infection.


2007 / 2010    PhD thesis. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. University of Montpellier II (Languedoc-Roussillon, France). Center for Biology and Management of Populations (CBGP)

2005 / 2007    Master’s degree. Biology and Evolution. University of Dijon (Bourgogne, France).

2002 / 2005  Bachelor’s degree. Biology and Ecology. University of Besançon (Franche-Comté, France).


2018-present   Postdoctoral position at the laboratory IRSTEA Recover (UMR IRSTEA - AMU). on the project ECOBAM (French Water Agency). Skin microbiome diversity in Barbus meridionalis, an endangered wild fish species. collaborator Dr. André Gilles.

2016 / 2018   Postdoctoral position at the institut méditerranéen de biodiversité et d'écologie (IMBE), University AIx Marseille. Insights into the diversity of microbiota in the Chondrostoma complex species. Collaborators: Drs. André Gilles & JF Martin 

2012 / 2015   Postdoctoral position at the laboratory Biogeosciences Joint Research Unit (CNRS, University of Burgundy, France). Temporal dynamic of the multiple host-parasite-microbes interactions. Collaborators:  Pr. Bruno Faivre & Dr. Gabriele Sorci .

2007 / 2010   Ph.D position at the Center for Biology and Management of Populations. (Montpellier, France) on the project: Variability of resistance/tolerance to Puumala hantavirus in bank voles and epidemiological consequences. Supervision: Dr. Nathalie Charbonnel

2006 / 2007  Master Research at the laboratory Biogeosciences Joint Research Unit, research group Ecology and Evolution (Dijon, France) on the project: Variability of resistance to Plasmodium in wild populations of house sparrows Passer domesticus. Role of Mhc gene diversity and antioxidant capacity. Supervision: Dr. Gabriele Sorci.


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2008   PhD student Fellowship “Bourse de mobilité internationale”. University Montpellier II (France). Courses in serological and immunological methods. Detection of viral infection and participation to field collection of virus samples in central Finland. (METLA and Haartman institute).

2009   Laureate of the “Bourse de recherches Jean & Marie-Louise Dufrenoy”. The French society of agriculture. Project: Role of immune gene polymorphism in bank vole on the geographic distribution of Puumala hantavirus in Sweden. (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå)

CNRS/ Marseille


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