Frequently Asked Questions


Note: Only Spring and Summer items will be accepted.


(Kid's meal toys, small unrelated toys)  

Items in red are of particular importance

How much will I make?

Consignors receive 80% of the sale price. The other 20% goes towards various charities supported by our Sunday School class.

 Do you charge a registration fee?  

Yes, $10 per consignor number for up to 160 items. An additional $10.00 will be charged for each additional item up to 80 items. For example, you will pay $10.00 for your first 160, $10.00 for each additional 80 items. If you have 300 items, your total would be $10 (160 items) plus $10.00 (80 items) plus $10.00 (60 items) for a total of $30.00.

 Do you charge a fee to pay with a credit or debit card?

Yes. Due to processing costs, we charge $2.00 per credit or debit card transaction.

 How do I get a consignor number?  

To register as a consignor, you need to complete the online registration form. This will assign you a consignor number, allow you to schedule a drop-off time, assist you in creating your inventory, and produce labels for you to print and pin to your items.

 Can I keep the same number I had last sale?  

YES! You will use the same number you had for each sale going forward after Spring 2014.

 How many items can I bring?

As many as you like. Just be aware there is an additional charge of $10.00 for items over 160. For example, if you have 60 items you will pay $10.00. For 100 items, $10.00. For 161 items, $20.00.

 What if I have more than 160 items?  

You will need to pay an additional $10 for those items with an additional $10.00 for each group of 80 items. For example, you will pay $10.00 for your first 160, $10.00 for an additional 80 items. If you have 300 items, your total would be $10 (160 items) plus $10.00 (80 items) plus $10.00 (60 items) for a total of $30.00.

What if I only have 165 items?

You would need to pay an additional $10.00 for the extra 5 items. We suggest you take out any item you feel is less likely to sell or save those 5 items for another sale.

Is there a special baby night?  

No; there is not a special "babies only" night.

What happens if I do not pick up my clothes at the assigned time?  

We encourage you to get someone to pick up if you are not available, or you can let us donate them to a local charity.  We will mail your check.

What do you do with the money?  

    All sale proceeds are used for charity.  We are always interested in new charitable   opportunities, so feel free to share your ideas with us.  A few of the charities we have helped since our first sale in 1995 can be found on our “Who we support” page.

What can I consign?  

Children’s clothing, toys, books, DVDs, games, puzzles, dollhouses, riding toys, bikes, kitchen sets, outdoor toys, electronics, and baby equipment such as strollers, swings, highchairs, bouncers, car seats, etc.

 May I consign bibs and socks?

Pin them together or put them in clear zipper bags clearly labeled. Tape your printed consignor label to the bag.

 May I consign hats or bibs?

If they match an outfit, it is probably to your advantage to sell them with the outfit. You can attach the hat or bib to the garment with safety pins. Use the printed label as the main label on the pajamas or main garment with item 1 of 2 adding “item 1 of 2” by hand to the label.  Handwrite a second label (identical to the first) for the hat or bib with “item 2 of 2” in case they get separated.

 Tag any separate hat and we will hang it on one of the end caps.  It does count as an individual inventory item, so be sure to list it.

 Do you accept long sleeve, long pant baby pajamas? 

Yes, unless they are in a material that is obviously for the wrong season. i.e., spring and summer sale we would not want a winter material like fleece or a heavy flannel.  

 Do you take shoes?  

Yes, only 2 pair in good shape tied securely together.

 What items are not accepted?  

Clothes larger than size 16, bedding, drop side cribs, and stuffed animals. We no longer accept VHS videotapes. Grab bags of toys. STAINED OR TORN CLOTHING, ANY ITEM THAT IS NOT CLEAN AND IN GENTLY USED CONDITION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Think about what you like to buy. If you wouldn't buy it, no one else will either. We don't like saying no, but we have enough experience to know what will and what WILL NOT sell. 

 Do all clothes need to be on hangers?  

Yes. We ask that all clothes be on correctly sized hangers, neatly pressed and free of stains. Clothes that are on the correct size hangers, i. e. youth or infant sized, hang better and are easier for buyers to see.

 How do I hang my garments?

When you are looking at the front of the garment the hanger should look like a question mark.  Pin the tag on the right side, in a seam if possible, OR on the garment label. Please use the right size hanger for the clothes. 

 How should I price my clothes?  

Selling prices vary but usually 1/4 to 1/3 of the retail price.  Please use only whole dollar prices. Ex:  $1.00, $3.00, $5.00, etc.

 If I want to mark items as 1/2 price do I need to make all of them 1/2 price?  

No. In your inventory, select those items to be 1/2 price for Friday night’s 1/2 price sale and leave others at full price.

How should I size my clothes?

Assign a standard size such as 6 months, 2T, 5, 7. DO NOT use small, medium, large. You will only be able to enter standard sizes.

Are toys required to work?  

Yes. We ask that all toys function properly.  Please be sure there are working batteries. Buyers like to check the items before purchase.  It will sell better with fresh batteries. Please do not put toys in "grab bags." We cannot accept bags of unrelated toys. Small bagged items included with toys such as doll houses, kitchens, workshops, etc. are accepted and should be securely fastened to the large item.  

What if I have multiple items that go together how should these be tagged?  Ex: stroller, car seat, and base.  

Use the printed label as the main label on the main item adding “item 1 of 2” by hand to the label.  Hand-write a second label (identical to the first) for the pieces with “item 2 of 2,” “item 3 of 3” in case they get separated.

How should I print my tags?

White, standard copy paper or card stock, works best. Card stock is easier to pin with less chance to tear.    DO NOT use "draft mode" on your printer. The scanners cannot pick up the bar code.

Should I print on colored paper?

Scanners have difficulty with some colored paper. We no longer use a colored tag system to indicate half-priced items.

IF WE NEED TO REPRINT YOUR TAGS DUE TO SCANNING PROBLEMS, A $5.00 FEE WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR SALE PROCEEDS! This only applies to consignors who have multiple tag issues.

What do I do if I decide to change a price after I have printed my tags?

You MUST reprint the tag.

How do I attach my tags?  

Either pin them on with large safety pins or use a tagging gun.

How do I tag toys?  

Use sealing tape to attach the tag to the toys and make sure the tag is firmly attached. If there are small pieces, please put in a Ziploc bag and tape the bag shut. Then attach this to the toy. Use the printed label as the main label on the main item adding “item 1 of 2” by hand to the label.  Handwrite a second label (identical to the first) for the pieces with “item 2 of 2” in case they get separated. We cannot be responsible for lost parts. 

Do I need to keep my items in order?

No; we can scan them in any order.  

Can I volunteer to work?  

Yes; the times you can sign up are listed under "volunteer" on the consignor homepage or use this link:

Sign-up to Volunteer!

If I volunteer, can I shop early?

Yes. All volunteers that work a minimum of 6 hours with one mandatory 3 hour shift on Saturday August 20 will be allowed to shop Monday at 4:00 pm before the Pre-Sale opens to consignors at 5:00 pm.