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Postpartum doula services in the Greater Austin area



My name is Emma Farr and I am an aspiring postpartum doula, working through my certification with DONA International. I currently provide doula services to families in Travis county, and some areas of Williamson and Hays counties.

In most other countries, especially in traditional societies, women are waited on hand and foot after giving birth, usually up to six weeks postpartum. They are served by a community of women, including family members and friends. During this time, they are expected only to breastfeed and bond with their new baby. They are praised for making it through childbirth and pampered so they can rest and recuperate.

Women in the United States deserve the same. Many new mothers have visitors who are either unsure of what to do or do so much that they make the new parents dependent on their help or unsure of their parenting skills. Information and old-wives tales are often outdated, although certainly well-intended. Many partners have to return to work the next day, or the next week, before moms are ready to be left alone. The new mothers are now left to make the meals, do laundry, run necessary errands, and take care of a new and overwhelming addition to their lives -- sometimes with no prior experience with infants or infant care. Working mothers are often expected to return to their jobs six weeks postpartum, when things are just starting to get into a rhythm. Life is upturned yet again!

My goal is to make the transition to parenthood as painless as possible. Families do need a support person who can help them and empower them to recognize their innate parenting skills, not to mention someone who can clean up a little around the house and make some nutritious meals while they adjust. New parents are not "told" what to do. They are given evidence-based information so they can make decisions on their own and gain confidence. Siblings and partners are given coping and adjustment strategies, and are guided in making things easier for mom. Most importantly, everyone's feelings are acknowledged and validated in a nonjudgmental way -- there is no such thing as a "perfect baby," a "perfect family," or a "perfect mother." Harmful stereotypes and misconceptions are addressed and adjusted to reflect reality. Stress and incidences of postpartum depression are reduced. Doesn't this sound better? :)

Please take a moment to look around my website to learn more about my services. If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment or interview, please visit my contact page. I'll be happy to talk with you!