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This section shows the work I have done on environments which could potentially be used in games. Click on the names below to jump to the location on this page.


This is a Medieval Tavern created in 3D Studio Max. All the textures are my own and created in Photoshop, except the pictures on the walls and the rugs. The fire texture is an animated texture made by myself. I did this animated texture to gain some experience in making them as I have not done one of those yet. Ideally the texture would be replaced with a particle system in 3smax.

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This is a castle created in 3dsmax. The textures are not currently my own but they will be replaced soon with my own textures.

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This is a medieval dungeon; I have included the torture device the Rack, a set of stocks and some cages. In one of the cages is a skeletal rib cage and the other a skeletal arm and there are also chains about the dungeon. I have included blood stains on the floor to give a gruesome feel to the dungeon. There are lights outside the room which come in through the windows showing shadows of the window bars on the floor.

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Dirty Bathroom

This is the same bathroom as in the Interiors section except that it has been made to be dirty, so it looks abandoned and worn. In games, environments do not tend to look brand new and clean so I decided to do this to gain experience in making environments look old and decrepit. I have used the Mix feature in the 3dsmax material options so that I did not need to break the polygons down, thus ensuring that the number of triangles did not increase. Although the triangle count has increased a bit due to the window and door frames as I made the edges crinkled.

To make the scene look old water stains on the tops of the walls and a dirty look needed to be applied. I have included water stains that are seeping down the wall, and the wallpaper has had a brown tinge added to it as well. Also in places the wallpaper looks asif its been ripped off so that the bare bricks behind it can be seen. Cracks have been included in the wall and the blinds have been messed up so that they look broken.

As it is a bathroom there tends to be alot of water in the air and so the metal will have rusted, so a lot of rust has been included into the scene. Also cracks in the shower glass and mirror over the sink have been included to suggest maybe a struggle.

In games rooms like this tend to mean that someone has been a fight and someone killed in there, so I have added blood stains on the floor and cabinet mirror to give a creepy feel of the room.

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Side Street

This is a side street which is old, and has a balcony looking down. This could be part of a level used in an FPS game where you can hide behind the boxes for example. All the textures have been done in Photoshop and the modelling has been done in 3dsmax.

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Underwater Scene

This has been modelled in 3D Studio max. The details of the shark can be found in the character section.

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