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Territory, my new novel, gets to the bookshelves in July '07. It's a fantasy set in 1881 in Tombstone, Arizona. Doc Holliday? Yeah, we got your bad boy right here.

"What Used to Be Good Still Is", my short story in Firebirds Rising (ed. Sharyn November), made Locus Magazine's Recommended list for 2006. Woohoo!

Welcome to Shadow Unit.

I've loved television episodic drama since I was a kid. My head's been filled with Man from U.N.C.L.E., The X-Files, Criminal Minds, and a few dozen other shows that were appointment TV for me before the expression "appointment TV" was coined.

Now there's Shadow Unit. A television show that doesn't exist, written by some of the best writers who never wrote television. Episodes every two weeks, on Mondays, with DVD extras and surprises for the weeks in between.

Shadow Unit is a web-based metafiction project, using the storytelling tools of web pages, sound files, hidden links, and even LiveJournal to create a science fiction series set in the present day. Its first "season" is eight episodes long. Each episode is a novella, except for the season finale, which is a short novel.

The writing staff is me (Executive Producer and showrunner), Elizabeth Bear (Co-Executive Producer), Sarah Monette (Producer), Will Shetterly (Producer), Amanda Downum as Art Director and Story Editor, and Stephen Shipman as Technical Director.

Click the link. Come meet the Anomalous Crimes Task Force. It's a scary world out there.

Welcome to Shadow Unit.

Music for a non-existent spy movie

Chris Ewen (of Future Bible Heroes fame) is at work on a project called The Hidden Variable, for which he's writing the music and many cool writer friends of his are writing the lyrics. He asked me to contribute, and I sent him a flashback to my '60s spy fangirl days.

He knew just what to do about it.

Here's a snippet of the song, to give you an idea...

The singer is Malena Teves, of Lorraine a Malena. You'll find more snippets from The Hidden Variable on their page.

I'll let you know when the album's available. I can't wait to see who the other lyricists are!

2007 Book Signing Tour: Dates and Places

Come say hello, and maybe even bring a book or a CD for me to deface. Yep, Will Shetterly and I may be ridin' into your town this July! We'll likely each read a bit of something, too, if there's time.

This schedule may change slightly, so check with the bookstore to confirm the event.

Thursday, July 12, 7 pm: The Poisoned Pen, Scottsdale, AZ.

Friday, July 13, 7 pm: Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA. With Karen Joy Fowler!

Saturday, July 14, 2 pm: Dark Delicacies, Burbank, CA.

Monday, July 16, 7 pm: Borderlands, San Francisco, CA.

Wednesday, July 18, 7 pm: Powell's, Portland, OR.

Thursday, July 19, 7 pm: University Bookstore, Seattle, WA.

Friday, July 20, 7 pm: White Dwarf Books, Vancouver, BC.

Sunday, July 22, 2 PM: Sentry Box, Calgary, AB.

Monday, July 23, 2 pm: Chapters , Sherwood Park Mall, Edmonton, AB.

Tuesday, July 24, 7 PM: McNally Robinson, Saskatoon, SK.

Wednesday, July 25, 7:30 PM: McNally Robinson, Winnipeg, MB.

Friday, July 27, 6 pm: Uncle Hugo’s, Minneapolis, MN.

July 31, 3 pm: Oread Books, Lawrence, KS.

August 1, 7 pm: Who Else! Books, Denver, CO.

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