Read the history of Google logo design

Do you know the importance of logo in branding your services? Or are you aware about some facts that are linked with the logo design of world's biggest search engine that is Google?

If not, then read this article as we have brought the information after lots of research to make you aware about the things that are linked with the Google search engine Logo. As Google has been recognized as one of the most popular search engines and hence it has now synonym with the word "Internet". Almost every people is using the Google as personal tools, apps, business tools and so on.

But, how the Google has come up with the logo and how the Google logo is rapid changing that expresses its popularity throughout the world. You will feel surprised as the history of Google logo design is more interesting. When the Larry Paige and Sergey Brin started Google as a graduate program in order to produce the world's best search machine, since then the company and logo has changed in to Google as we know it today. In august 1998, when Google set their first logo, it was simple but bold and stood.

Later on many of the official logos have been designed and opted by Google, which comes in different artistic looks. Almost every year Google has changed its logo and now what it has the deep Google logo design history. But, since 2016, Google has decided to keep their logo constant and now it is simple but colorful, what we see it on our browser.

Thus, you will find that there is a great impact of the name over the logo as the name is more important than your branding. In order to read more information about the Google logo history, you need to find the best information online. So, go online and start searching for the blog containing information on Google logo history. For more information, visit this page.