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 Latest Critically Appraised Topics (CATS)

Below and in thePrevious JC Topics link you will find  a host of CATS that provide the best evidence available about various topic. These CATS have been presented by our residents at the EVMS emergency medicine residency program. Feel free to forward any comments you may have.(mail) 

November 2007

Critical appraisal: Steroids vs. Acyclovir for Bell's Palsy 

NEJM Oct 2007: Bells Palsy Article 

Is CT sufficient to clear C-spine or is MRI necessary 

October 2007

Is Insulin Effective in Ca Channel Blocker Overdose? 

Nebulized Mg in Acute Asthma?

Factor VII in Acute Intracranial Hemorrhage: A Critical Appraisal     Original NEJM Article  

September 2007

Should We be Using Absorbable Sutures More Frequently?

Canadian vs. New Orleans Head CT Rules - original articles can be found in peer reviewed section                               

Hespan vs. Crystalloid for Fluid Resusciation 

August 2007 

Is D-Dimer Useful for Diagnosing Thoracic Aneurysm?  

Is Ultrasound Assistance for IJ Central Lines Preferred Over Landmark Techniques?

Is NAC Effective in Preventing Contrast Induced Nephropathy?  

July 2007

Are Early Thrombolitics Indicated in Submassive PE?

Do Pre-Intubation Steroids Decrease Laryngeal Edema? 

June 2007- JC Takes a vacation!

 May 2007

Treating Pneumonia...The 4-hour "Rule"

Should Skin Abscesses be Rx'd with Antibiotics for MRSA? 

Are False Positive Troponins Common in Renal Failure? 

April 2007 

Should Kids with Cephalohematomas Undergo Head CT?  

Is Lidocaine Necessary for RSI in Head Injury? 

Should Steroids Be Used Early in Suspected Meningitis Cases?  

March 2007

Is Etomidate Safe In Septic Shock? 

How Does MRI compare to CT for Acute Stroke 

How Does Coronary CT-A Compare to Stress Echo? 

February 2007

Should we be core cooling post-resuscitation patients? 

Are topical anesthetics effective for parenteral procedures? 

Does counseling regarding inappropriate ED visits work?

January 2007 

Are Serial Lactic Levels Useful When Managing Sepsis? 

Intra-articular Anesthetics Prior to Shoulder Reduction  

Ketamine vs. Etomidate for Pediatric Conscious Sedation 

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