Conquer Toys

Some simple stuff relating to ConquerOnline.  It used to be a fairly fun and addictive mmorpg that is free to play.  The links for the calculators and stuff are down at the bottom.

This stuff may be gone soon, googlepages is switching, and I haven't researched what is allowed in the content yet.  but I may lose the javascript when it goes. 

Update. I did lose javascript, which essentially trashed all the calculators. 

I have migrated the attribute calculator to another site, if you want some of the others migrated, whisper Macseoin in Mausoleum.  Most of them are less useful, since the introduction of talismans/potency and such.

My tools (will stay around at players request)

ConquerOnline Attribute Calculator (this has been moved, so that it should function again)

ConquerOnline Physical Damage Calculator (Currently there are no plans to migrate this to make it work again)

ConquerOnline Magic Damage from Mobs Calculator (this is obsolete and unneccessary)

Potency Calculator (this had bearing when we were learning about potency before it came out, now potency is quite simple to understand)

 Magic PVP (this has been moved, so that it should function again)

Composition Calculator (this is obsolete after the composition system changed)

Item Attribute Data (Currently there are no plans to migrate this to make it work again, however there is a guide to composition stats at my new site )

2d Reborn Quest - visual guide

2d Reborn Skills

Demon Hunter Quest

Other links

Official ConquerOnline website

ConquerOnline Message Board

Look me up in-game as Cara, Macseoin, MethoS, Kahlan or MacSeoin on Wonders-Mausoleum


I am done advocating this game.  I did enjoy it for a long time however, so when they made their changes I gave them a more than fair chance. 


Simply, the introduction of the talisman's destroyed the most enjoyable aspect of the game (pvp).  Talismans themselves aren't a horrible idea, just the way they are implemented.


I will keep these pages up for now.  Feel free to go into any calculator you like and take their source, it should run just fine locally for you, as the javascript is all inline.


In the meantime, I will still be finishing up getting my ninja to 130 again.  Which will allow me to watch to see if they happen to fix their problem. 


I don't really know what they have done to Chinese CO to fix it if anything, but if someone knows specifics, pm my account on the message board.


Thats it for my wall of text rant.