In the last years I have been made some drawings and paintings. I hope to increase my gallery soon.

Enjoy it!

— Ernesto, 2007.


A night at the Hilbert hotel

I have started this art piece after /(re)+read/ Borges's infinities. "Mi amor, yo te amo", but it is not about romanticism at all. There are a story about limitations, hope and evolution behind this space-filling curve. May be we do not twist enough to reach the next level.

Mi amor, yo te amo (Ernesto Mislej, 2002).

Mi amor, yo te amo (Ernesto Mislej, 2002).

The last year I took up my space-filling fascination and I made a short sequence using paper and ink.

h89 8/13 (Ernesto Mislej, 2006).

h89 8/13 (Ernesto Mislej, 2006).

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