✛Long Haired at Heart...✛

May 2009 at classic length
Originally this blog was started when I was losing my hair in 2010 due to illness. 
As a former long hair care enthusiast it really threw me off. I was looking back at years of growing long healthy hair, the advice I had passed out to help people achieve the same and suddenly it was all gone. It was a shock, although some might say it is "just hair". I had put some much time and care into it. After the hair loss, it seemed like  it was years of dedication to nothing....something that is not sustainable. 
I was focusing so much on my "outside", that I ignored what was going on inside my body.  No product can help you have beautiful hair when you are not fully healthy and your body is not in balance.
That is when my journey to better health started, with the hopes of my hair improving.
And I have made insane improvements health wise. It seems I have to thank my hair for showing me that something was not right ;)

I created this blog to share my story, to give hope, to show how to regain thickness after losing hair. I also share everything that worked for me, from lifestyle to remedies (all natural) because I believe they would help others too.