What is Multimedia and Why Should I Use it?

'Multimedia learning refers to learning from words and pictures. Multimedia instruction refers to the presentation of material using both words and pictures, with the intention of promoting learning. The case for multimedia learning rests on the premise that learners can better understand an explanation when it is presented in words and pictures than when it is presented in words alone. Multimedia learning may be viewed as response strengthening (in which multimedia environments are used as drill-and-practice systems), information acquisition (in which multimedia messages serve as information delivery vehicles), or as knowledge construction (in which multimedia messages include aids to sense-making)."

Mayer, Richard E. (2012-03-22). Multimedia Learning. Cambridge University Press. Kindle Edition.

Using Multimedia in the Classroom

Exploring iTunes U

  • Apple's iTunes U site - download and get information on acessing iTunes U from a mobile device
  • Maine Department of Education iTunes U site

Free Online Tools for Creating Multimedia

 Tool     Type of Multimedia
 What can I do with it?
 Where can I find it?
 Video, Audio, Images Combine images, video clips, and music to create a 30-second video.
 MasherVideo, Audio, Images
Mash together video cips, sound recordings, and photos to create unique and personalized videos.
Online Image Editor
Crop, resize, adjust, and save images to different formats.
 Pixorial VideosEdit and customize videos and share them online or with DVDs.
 Jing   & Screencast
 Screen Casts
Capture photos and video from your computer screen and share them online 

 Xtranormal Video & Audio with Avatars
 Choose your background and actors and type in the text you want the actors to speak. It's free to create most, but not free to save, or use special backgrounds and actors.