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Evaluations from ESA 2011

Evaluations from  workshop: 101 ways to effectively use journal articles as teaching tools at the 96th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America, Austin, TX August 2011 (workshop lead organizer)

1. What did you expect to get out of this workshop? Did the workshop meet your expectations?

·         Tips for simplifying the reading process. Yes! And more!

·         New ideas to stimulate the students. New ideas for my learning. Totally.

·         Ideas. Yes, excellent workshop! Thank you! (repeated  about 10  times)

·         More ways to find good papers and use papers – yes. A list of good papers for general ecology – no.

·         Active learning, yes!

·         Inspiration how to use articles creatively in different ways for different learning objectives

·         A lot of ideas of ways to integrate/ease use of journal articles – YES

·         Was expecting to be “told” more, but (much better) the interaction of attendees generated many very interesting ideas. Got lots of good info.

·         Wasn’t sure

·         It broadened my thinking about how to use articles in class.

·         I expected to learn interesting activities used by other faculty and to have an opportunity to try out a couple of activities in groups. The workshop exactly met my expectations – well done.

·         Ideas about how to encourage students to use “real life” tools – yes.

·         Brainstorm about using articles. Yes.

·         How can I increase the use of scientific papers in class. How can I diversify use of papers. Yes

·         A list of novel ways to use articles. I received some new ideas but not as many as I had hoped.

·         Some concrete strategies. Yes

·         Suggestions for how to make journal articles more approachable to students.

·         More ideas of opinions and techniques. Yes

·         More examples of good things to do – yes

·         Additional ways to include journal articles in the classroom.

·         It made me think about how to choose different papers for different levels. Yes, workshop met my expectations.

·         See how others do this in an intro course. Yes.

·         I didn’t have a super clear expectation, but basically this.


2. How will this workshop influence your teaching?

·         I will try this in lecture

·          Using some of the new ideas incorporating literature in courses

·         Give me more ideas that can lead to more use in my classes

·         I will use the hypothesis activity and use more articles in class (repeated 3 times)

·         I am excited to have classes and apply the knowledge

·         Yes, but partly, since my students are Spanish speakers and Spanish scientific literature are hard to find

·         Certainly will use many of the ideas I heard here for designing courses!  (repeated 10 times)

·         Many ways!! Thank you! I will link my activities/ and incorporate new ones) to the vision and change objectives

·         Continue to be ever-vigilant; pay greater attention to response/argument papers to generate discussion

·         I’ll use articles a whole lot more (repeated 7 times)

·         Expect to feel more comfortable incorporating Journals into a wider variety of settings, and using more interactive strategies

·         I will try new ideas on how to incorporate articles AND use them to make activities that can be published in TIEE or EcoLibrary

·         I will try several of the suggested activities

·         I came up with some great ideas for interactive features for tablet-based textbook

·         I will use these new techniques in re-developing lab curriculum for intro bio lab

·         I got some ideas to use in a writing intensive discussion section for mostly freshman

·         Knowing about podcasts, etc. helps

·         I’m co-designing a course this fall and I will think about including more primary literature

·         Not sure (but I’m also not TAing next semester, so it will be a while before I apply these ideas).


3 . What was the most useful thing we did today?

·         Brainstorming how to use journal articles/ Lots of time to hear all the good ideas in the room (repeated 12 times)

·         The last activity rocked! It reduces the CREATE method to one time-step – something that we can do in a single class/lab meeting (repeated 11 times, this is an activity I presented)

·         Mapping ideas to competencies (repeated 2 times)

·         Different ideas on how to use lit in classes

·         Share ideas and get resource sheet (repeated 2 times)

·         How can I offer a short idea of a paper without the necessity of read it

·         Time to work with groups, between groups, be challenged to figure out stuff!

·         Get many different ideas , lots of cross talk from people in a wide variety of teacher-student contexts

·         Large group discussions. Unique ideas/approaches

·         Too many to pick!

·         Encourage us to think like students via problem solving

·         Everything was great! I thought you did a great job organizing – good balance b/w group work, your leading, and whole group discussion

·         Look at actual journals

·         Talking about how to make complex papers easier for students to understand

·         Where to find appropriate articles

·         How to change things to teach beginners/advance

·         Interaction with participants and moderator

·         Discussion and activities. Last activity on graph less useful

·         Thinking about what made a good article. The first activity was useful to (thinking about how to meet specific goals with a particular article).


4. Any other comments?

·         Thanks very much for sharing resources and specific ideas

·         Love that y’all will be giving participants online resources and summary of what went on in the workshop

·         Great workshop

·         Would be nice if there is a web-based forum where people can provide references of articles they use and discuss ideas like we did in this workshop

·         It is hard to find good usable articles that meets what we want to do with the students

·         Awesome timing of activities! You accomplished so much. Thank you!

·         I’m interested in strategies to read papers for students. This was an interesting note made during the discussion.

·         Great active-learning workshop!  Fun, hands-on activities.  And I look forward to getting the materials online.

·         Speaking of using NPR as a resource for finding interesting studies, “Living on Earth” loe.org often has useful links and leads

·         Thank you!!

·         Really good workshop – enjoyed it. Very useful! Thanks!

·         I am a Ph.D. student getting ready to TA for the first time and this workshop has given me ideas for how better to approach teaching.

·         Very smooth running and moving us along. I am excited.

·         Thanks for organizing this W.S. Good to know there are many teachers who are interested in improving science education.

·         Would have been nice to have round table for people to share what they do; discuss and provide feedback

·         The brainstorming of ways to find articles wasn’t very helpful. I doubt this is a limitation for most people.

·         Thank you so much for offering this workshop. It was very informative and fun

·         Excellent – thanks for using active-learning format

·         The website, activities and examples were well done

·         Thank you!

·         Good sharing of roles among organizers. Good to have “audience” participate

·         Great workshop! One of the most useful this week.

·         The last activity was great! A little more time would help.

·         Thank you.

·         The last activity was less useful than the others.