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Biol 110 evaluations

Biol 110 (Introductory freshman level course, ~80 students) Summer 2006

I was the instructor and course coordinator for this course.

SRTE questions



Rate the overall quality of the instructor


Rate the clarity of the instructor’s presentation


Rate the effectiveness of the examples used to clarify difficult concepts


Rate the instructor’s skill in handling student’s questions and comments


Rate the instructor’s skill in maintaining a positive atmosphere for learning


Rate the instructor’s skill in keeping the course on schedule


Rate the course in terms of its logical arrangement of material and activities


Scale: 1 (Lowest) – 7 (Highest)

According to Dr. Hass, Acting Assistant Department Head for Undergraduate Studies in Biology at Penn State, “Your numbers for Summer Bio 110 are wonderful.”

 Selected student comments

Liked MOST about the course

  • working with the instructor was a pleasure and the class was fun
  • Lecture- very organized and interesting. I enjoyed coming to this class. Dr. Rauschert really cares about her students and wants to help them learn. Thanks
  • case studies are helpful and create more thinking/the case studies are good. Talking it out with a student who thinks like I do helps
  • how the teacher effectively answered questions
  • She provided a positive atmosphere and because of her vast knowledge and enthusiasm the material was exceptionally presented. Emily is a wonderful professor, with a lot of potential in the academic world
  •  The instructor was amazing. Friendly and outgoing. Always willing to help
  •  instructor made expectations very clear
  •  All of the material was pertinent and informative, and the instructor was enthusiastic and knowledgeable

Liked LEAST about the course

  • not too many grades to counteract the test scores
  • should have been more tests
  • I had a hard time distinguishing what was important material to study for the test
  • Address students who are irritant to the class and talk the entire lecture
  •  memorizing facts about various taxa

How I addressed this feedback in my next class

It was clear from the negative comments that students were unhappy with most of their grade being based on a few multiple choice exams, which was the standard for all the core courses in the Biology Department. In the next class I taught (Bio 220), my co-instructor and I decided to have written assignments that were also graded, as well as some essay questions on exams. Both of these were well received by students. I also worked on clarifying expectations for exams, as well as having students practice in class the skills I wanted them to demonstrate on exams.