Emily can be reached via email (please send to and cc both of the following addresses:)
Emily and Patrick are also availble for Private and Group Lessons. Privates are $35 per hour with one instructor + floor fees depending on where the lessons are held. Privates are $50 for both Emily & Patrick + floor fees.

            -Hire Emily & Patrick as a couple to perform. (We can dance impromptu to live or recorded music or prepare a special choreographed routine for your event)

            -Emily & Patrick can organize a group/and or show for your guests. (Groups can dance impromptu to live or recorded music or put on a formal choreographed show to pre-recorded music).

            -Let Emily & Patrick choreograph a simple swing dance for you (think first dance at your wedding) or your guests to do. (We can teach swing line dances as well).


Rates vary by the services provided and the location of the event. Please contact Emily or Patrick to negotiate payment and services.


Things to consider:

Dancing is an aerobic workout that can be taxing on the dancer’s body. To minimize the likely hood of injury, we have a few requests from parties interested in booking us:

1.      We ask that the spaces in which we are asked to dance are appropriate for such an activity. Wood or tiled floors specifically for dancing reduce the likely hood of injury for the dancers (and help us to have the energy to dance to our full capacity). We cannot dance on concrete, rough tile, or brick. We also ask that ventilation and celling height be considered when booking.

2.      Any event or group booking us should provide bottled water or a source where we would be able to obtain suitable drinking water to maintain a healthy level of hydration.
3.      Events lasting longer than 30 minutes must arrange for seating for all the dancers and a safe space to store dancing supplies (shoes, costumes, bags etc).
4.      When booking, please be specific about what you are looking for from the dancers. Do you want them also to work as greeters? Are the dancers expected to intermingle with the crowd (in this case, we recommend scheduling a short lesson to make the guests comfortable with dancing and dance etiquette)? If you are serving food, are the dancers considered to be guests? Do you want constant dancing or intermittent? Are you planning on hiring an MC or should we bring/suggest one?