Demand for Environmental Services

Peer Reviewed Publications

Pakhtigian, E. L., and Jeuland, M. (2019). Valuing Environmental Quality: Evidence from Western Nepal. Ecological Economics, 158. 158-167. (DOI Link)

Abstract: Environmental quality is rarely prioritized along the development pathways of developing countries, even though little is known about how individuals in these settings value intact environments. In 2017, we implemented a survey to a representative sample of 3660 households living throughout the Karnali and Mahakali River Basins in Western Nepal. As part of the survey, respondents participated in a contingent valuation exercise in which they were asked about how they use environmental services and about their ability and willingness to pay (WTP) for a land conservation program that would prevent future development in and around their villages. Willingness to pay was elicited using a double bounded, dichotomous choice contingent valuation question. We estimate the average monthly WTP for land conservation to be 202 Nrs (US$1.96) and a lower bound of monthly household WTP to be 165 NRs (US$1.60). We find that households with higher levels of education exhibit higher willingness to pay; so too do male respondents. We also find a significant negative relationship between household WTP and both migration and local NGO familiarity.     

Work in Progress

Shrestha, G., Pakhtigian, E. L., and Jeuland, M. Women who do not migrate: Social interactions and participation in Western Nepal.