about me

EJM with Prarie Dancer at the Double Helix Ranch (2010).

I'm interested in phylogenetic methods, genomics, and how those two fields can best be combined!

Not tied to a taxon, I've worked on cattle - with a focus on Texas Longhorns, frogs, salamanders, simulated data, and chipmunks.

I'm excited about programming and teaching scientists to be better programmers. I teach for Software Carpentry and highly recommend their videos and workshops!
I also teach at the Molecular Evolution workshop at Woods Hole. 
   As of July 2016,
      Assistant professor at University of California, Merced

    Department of Ecology, and Evolutionary Biology
University of Kansas
    Advisor: Mark Holder
  Holder lab

    PhD Advisor: David Hillis
Hillis lab page

Current projects:

(Most code is up on GitHub https://github.com/snacktavish)
  • Open tree of life
  • Rapid updating of gene trees with new sequence information 
  • Determining impact of ascertainment bias on phylogenies based on SNP data.
Past projects:
  • Investigating patterns of introgression in the genome of Texas Longhorn Cattle (link)
  • Using spatially explicit simulation (DIM SUM) to assess robustness of phylogeographic methods (link)
  • Comparative morphometics of an invasive damselfly in Hawaii (link)
  • Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow, Stamatakis Group, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical studies.