about me

EJM with Prarie Dancer at the Double Helix Ranch (2010).

I'm interested in phylogenetic methods, genomics, and how those two fields can best be combined!

Not tied to a taxon, I've worked on cattle - with a focus on Texas Longhorns, frogs, salamanders, simulated data, and chipmunks.

I'm excited about programming and teaching scientists to be better programmers. I teach for Software Carpentry and highly recommend their videos and workshops!
I also teach at the Molecular Evolution workshop at Woods Hole. 
      Assistant professor at University of California, Merced

Current projects:
(Most code is up on GitHub https://github.com/snacktavish)
  • Open tree of life
  • Rapid updating of gene trees with new sequence information 
  • Determining impact of ascertainment bias on phylogenies based on SNP data.
Past projects:
  • Investigating patterns of introgression in the genome of Texas Longhorn Cattle (link)
  • Using spatially explicit simulation (DIM SUM) to assess robustness of phylogeographic methods (link)
  • Comparative morphometics of an invasive damselfly in Hawaii (link)
  • Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow, Stamatakis Group, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical studies.