It was decided in 2011 that I had to release something with the gigabytes after gigabytes with unpublished music not doing anything on the computer but collecting digital dust. As I started to gathering songs branded "good enough" from the stock I realized that: "Hey, I got an album!" - songs that didn't fit in anywhere but piled together.

Eleven tracks on the album i named


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From "Leftorvers" - this is "Are You Happy Allison"

Also from "Leftovers" - "Space Age Baby Jane"

Here is a little from the loads of songs I have NOT released (in Swedish)
"Lady Gaga" - this sometimes takes a while to load. I wonder why...

A song with a message: "Hold on to your dreams"

"After Midnight" is one of those songs that is magic to me

My old Myspace-page with a smoth blend of stuff that that did and didn make it to "Leftovers"

"Show Me What You Can Do" is a demo of what I could do if I did dance music.

I'm in the process of recording a blues-album at the moment.
Check back here for releasedate.

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