Emilia White is a 25-year resident and home owner in the Village of Spring Valley.  Emilia is a graduate from Sarah J. Hale High School in Brooklyn, and has an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science from RCC. She is a small business owner in Spring Valley operating a licensed child care service since 1994. Emilia was one of the original organizers of VOICE/CSEA, a new union which represents 7,500 child care providers in NY. She currently serves as the Member Representative for Rockland County.  She is a member of the NAACP.  She serves as a volunteer counselor with VCS and an adult literacy tutor with Literacy Volunteers of Rockland.  She was honored to be a Marshall in the 2009 Haitian Flag Day Parade of Unity in Spring Valley. Together with her husband Steven White (of she is an advocate for education of the children in the East Ramapo schools. Emilia also works with the Spring Valley Concerned Citizens Coalition to assist tenants in Spring Valley to improve their living conditions and be treated fairly by their landlords.