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Emiko Grace Karunamrita Noor Nakamura MAC, LMP
Ashiatsu and Shiatsu Therapy
Bothell, Washington
425-939-7451 (Home Message)

206-476-9059 (Cell-Texts)

Educational Background in Massage Therapy and Health Care

Most Recent Training
  • Diamond Heart Energy Meditation with Brian Robert, Seattle, WA (2011)
  • Hawaiian Energy Healing Ko Fu Tu Training with Brian Robert , Seattle WA (2008)
  • Life Seed Energy Healing Training with Brian Robert, Seattle WA (2007)
  • Certified Instructor of Chakra Cleansing, Opening and Activating Meditaion of Patanjali Vedic Science, 180 hours training, Krishnalaya,  CA and Issaquah, WA(2005 and 2006)
  • Certified in Ananda Ghanda Chakra Energy Energy Healing,Vancouver, BC Canada(2004)
  • European Style Seated Chair Massage Training, Seattle WA (2003)

Institute of Body-Mind Energetics, Studied Zen Shiatsu, Shoreline WA
  • Meridian Shiatsu Stretches
  • Ampuku Therapy-Stomach Reflexology and Diagnosis
  • Jitsu(stignated) and Kyo(depressed) and Diagnosis
Northwest School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Seattle Washington
  • Sotai Body Manipulation
  • Meridian Exercise Class
Other Professional Trainings
  • Japan Shiatsu Association(1998) Tokyo, Japan Completed a Correspondence Shiatsu Course with Keigo Inaba M.D.
  • Anma-Japanese Massage with Masako Oohara LMT (1998-2000)Seattle, Washington
  • British Sports Massage-Soft Tissue Release with David Cay LMP(1998-2000)
  • Oriental Reflexology correspondence Study with Master Kendo Kawashima LAc,(1998-2000) Kyoto, Japan
  • University of Washington(1994) Seattle, WA Studied Zoology-Human Physiology with Richard Fredrickson, MD, PhD, a faculty of the Bastyr University
  • Studied Russian Sports Massage with Abrik Akpar Kerimov, a Russian-trained Massage Therapist who worked at hospitals in Baku Azerbaijan and Stefan Ilcev, a former Olympic Candidate of Bulgaria, who has also professional training in Eastern European Sports Massage.


Brenneke School of Massage, Seattle,WA(Graduated 1992)
  • Anatomy, Phsiology and Pathology of Human Body
  • Case Study and injury Treatment Technique
  • Swedish Massage and Hydrotherapy including Cryotherapy for Spots Injuries
  • Hawaiian Massage and TriggerPiomt Therapy
  • Shiatsu with Rei Takeuchi LMP
  • Sports Massage with Patricia Archer LMP
Other Health Care Trainings while living in Japan
  • Studied the theory and practical cooking of Macrobiotic Diet and Healing Science, Osaka, Japan(1978-1980)
  • Certified as a Practitioner of Osazukeno Ri Energy Healing by the Tenrikyo Math, Nara, Japan(1978)


Studied Shiatsu Therapy with Master Yutaka Nakamura, Shisou-City, Hyogo, Japan
  • 12 Meridians and Tsubo Points Studies
  • Basic Shiatsu Techniques

Studied from her extended families and her communities of Hyogo and Nara, Japan
  • Anma Massage
  • Ashiatsu aka Walking on Back
Employment Background as a Health Care Provider
  • A-Shiatsu Clinic of Seattle, Ashiatsu and Shiatsu Practitioner North Seattle (2005-Present)
  • Northgate Pain Control Center, Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Clinical Massage Therapist 110th and Northgate Way (2003-2004)
  • 'Lotus Retreat' Wellness Center, Shiatsu Practitioner and Clinic Owner and Manager 5447 California Ave, SW Seattle, WA 98136(1998-200o)
  • New Economy Massage Therapy, Shiatsu Practitioner, Clinical Massage Therapist (1992-1996) 4514 8th Ave. Suite7  Seattle WA 98105, In the University Plaza,  Across from the  Metro Cinema 
  • Brennekie Massage School Student Clinic, Student Practitioner(1988-1992)