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Wikis! Wikis! Wikis! Since the inception of Wikipedia, many websites have followed her steps, and they have included a wiki software which allows editing pages. The next (incomplete, of course) list shows some of the wikis available in the Internet. Most of them publish the content under a free license. It will be nice to mantain a backup of the articles and the images of these sites, because, they usually are closed when their communities abandon the projects, and the content is lost. You can find a ton of wikis in WikiIndex.

I have developed a software for making backups of wikis. Now, I provide a link called "WikiTeam backup" where you can download the texts and full histories of the wikis. Yeah!


He desarrollado una herramienta para hacer backups de wikis. Ahora, junto a cada wiki verás un enlace llamado "WikiTeam backup" desde el que puedes bajar los textos e historiales de los wikis. ¡Bien!

Wikifarms / Granjas de wikis

Wikifarms are group of wikis with different subjects, usually hosted in free-paid servers / Las granjas de wikis son conjuntos de wikis, generalmente hospedados en servidores gratuitos.

For detailed lists of wikis on these wikifarmslook here.

Several languages / En varios idiomas

Large projects with very large communities / Proyectos grandes con comunidades grandes

In Spanish / En español

Some of them are locapedias. Most of them without public dump, but I'm working in my own backups.

Other collaborative projects / Otros proyectos colaborativos

Closed projects / Proyectos que cerraron

Proyectos de conocimiento libre que cerraron. Proto-Wikipedias:

More wikis links / Más enlaces wiki