Emiel Awad

I am a Fellow at the Department of Government, London School of Economics and Political Science. I recently received my Ph.D. (August 2019) in Political Science from the University of Rochester.

My research and teaching interests are in formal theory, international relations, and political economy. I am primarily interested in the design of international organizations, interest group politics, and the economics of information and organizations.

CV (pdf)

Under Review

Works in Progress

  • Designing Political Order (with Scott Abramson and Brenton Kenkel)
  • International Coordination and Institutional Design (with Nicolas Riquelme)
  • Restricting Access to Invite Expertise: A model of lobbying in international organizations
  • Should We Let Interest Groups Learn From Their Competitors?
  • Scapegoating Bureaucrats (with Varun Karekurve-Ramachandra and Lawrence Rothenberg)
  • Communication and Delay in Sovereign Debt Crises (with Randall Stone)


Emiel Awad

Department of Government

London School of Economics

Centre Building 3.10

London, UK WC2A 2AE