Tendrils Hate

A list of potential cards that Tendrils decks must deal with. The plan is to find the commonly played hate cards and then explain how they affect Tendrils. Part of this will be published in the ever-forthcoming FT/Doomsday primer with explanations about what to do when facing each piece of hate. Given the diversity of Legacy decks and ease of splashing colors, it doesn't seem to make sense to address each of the hundreds of viable matchups that may possibly be encountered. This list will allow me to focus on a few common types of matchups and then leave the pilot to assemble additional strategies with the help of this list.


Hard Counters 

Counterbalance + Top 

Force of Will 

Counterspell / Mana Leak/ Negate / etc

Chalice of the Void 

Spell Snare



Tempo Counters



Force Spike 

Red Elemental Blast/Pyroblast

Guttural Response

Spellstutter Sprite

Stifle Effects



Chant Effects 

Orim's Chant


Gilded Light  

Mana Denial

 Sinkhole / Vindicate / Stone Rain / etc

Armageddon /  Ravages of War

Devastating Dreams 


Rishadan Port

Blood Moon / Magus of the Moon

Back to Basics 

Stifle / Trickbind 

Pithing Needle

Null Rod


Mass Discard: Hymn to Tourach / Gerrard's Verdict / Persecute / Raven's Crime

Targeted Discard: Thoughtseize / Duress / Cabal Therapy / Mesmeric Fiend

Recurring Discard: Hypnotic Specter / Raven's Crime


Krosan Grip

Pernicious Deed

Engineered Explosives

Ancient Grudge 

Sphere Effects


Nether Void 

Sphere of Reistance / Thorn of Amethyst


Aura of Silence

Graveyard Hate

Withered Wretch

Leyline of the Void

Planar Void

Tormod's Crypt


Faerie Macabre 

Wheel of Sun and Moon

Samurai of the Pale Curtain 

Misc Permanent-based 


Runed Halo

Meddling Mage

Gaddock Teeg

True Believer

Children of Korlis 

Pithing Needle

Pyrostatic Pillar

Solitary Confinement

Mana Maze

Null Chamber 

Rule of Law

Arcane Laboratory 

Fast Clock

Goblin Charbelcher

Empty the Warrens

Phyrexian Dreadnought

Xantid Swarm