Registration for Building a Sustainable Coaching Network

Cohort I: August 15 & 16, 2016--$285/person Register Here! 

McKenny Hall, EMU Campus
8:30 - 3:30 pm

Participants with a basic knowledge of coaching will enhance their learning of the implementation and measurement of coaching effectiveness. In efforts to train and hire high-quality coaching talent, educators and teacher leaders will learn how to build a systematic approach to their coaching program. Establish a relevant, scaffolded approach for PLCs that emphasizes teaching and learning about literacy instruction at all grade levels.

This institute is intended to address the features outlined in the MDE Early Literacy Coaching Assurances of the State School Aid Act.

Registration for Literacy Coaching Institutes

Cohort V: August 3 & 4, 2016--$265/person Register Here! 

McKenny Hall, EMU Campus
8:30 - 3:30 pm

Participants will gain basic knowledge of coaching as it relates to all levels of learning. Using literacy-based protocols to support adult learning, we will explore how collaborative working relationships, mindsets, and coaching norms impact learning environments in a positive way. Learn from coaching demonstrations and practice related to over-arching philosophies of literacy.

Those who enroll in this institute include educators who would like to know more about literacy coaching and learn techniques developing conscious student readers and writers and other inquiry-based teaching methods.  Teacher-leaders with responsibilities for improving practice as mentors, department heads, school improvement team chairs, MAISA curriculum users, or members of county-wide literacy networks also find benefit from attending.

Literacy Coaching

Eastern Michigan Writing Project Literacy Coaching

As part of the mission of the National Writing Project, the EMWP Coaches value the importance of teachers teaching teachers. Coaches have participated in a range of professional learning through the Writing Project, specifically the Summer Teacher Leadership Institutes. Coaches have facilitated professional development for university members, fellow teacher consultants, and teachers working with K-12 partnership schools. Coaches at EMWP are required to serve in the following capacities:

*Demonstrate and promote teacher leadership in schools
*Attend a National Writing Project-sponsored Teacher Leadership Institute
*Strive toward personal and professional goals in reading, writing, and active literacies
*Practice competencies and adhere to national standards of coaching, specifically in  literacy
*Participate in continuous learning about coaching, targeted in areas of literacy development

The Literacy Coaching Institutes

The Literacy Coaching Institutes at the EMU Writing Project are designed to provide basic information about coaching targeted at literacy-based protocols. Participants engage in a collaborative community of learners who study and practice coaching as a means for supporting writing and thinking.

Information about the Literacy Coaching Institutes is available in the flyer at the bottom of this page. The Institutes primarily run in June and/or August, or can be delivered on-site at your school.  If you are interested in the Literacy Coaching Institutes, contact Julia Keider at

If you are interested in becoming part of the coaching work at EMWP or for other professional development at your school, visit our “Professional Learning” link on this website or contact Sarah Lorenz at

Meet Our Community of Coaches

Char Hanchak

Char Hanchak has worked with students from preschool through middle school during her thirty-five years of classroom teaching. She obtained her National Board Certification in 1996, and has a Master’s Degree in Learning Disabilities, and additional master’s hours specializing in literacy.  

Most of Char’s experiences are with preschool through third grade in multi-age and single grade classrooms. She demonstrated her deep understanding of literacy in her work as a Reading Recovery teacher, a Reading Intervention teacher, and Read 180/System 44 coordinator. She also has experience as the building curriculum representative to numerous district curriculum committees, specifically in the areas of reading, language arts, science and mathematics.  

Char believes that working with teachers in the capacity of a coach offers the opportunity to continue contributing to the teaching community and to be actively involved in education, a career path she takes great value in. Char’s coaching background and training comes from Coaching 101 and attending the EMWP Literacy Coaching Institutes.

Julia Keider

Julia Keider has been working in secondary education for over fifteen years, teaching high school ELA courses, including college preparatory, honors, and at-risk students. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Eastern Michigan University, and has been a part of the  EMU Writing Project since 2001. She currently works with schools on sound curriculum design and application, specifically in writing across the curriculum.

Julia’s abilities as a teacher leader are strengthened by her background and training in Formative Assessment for Michigan Educators (FAME), Reading Apprenticeship (RAISE), and Writer’s Workshop. In addition, her practice and experiences in student-led conferencing, standards-based assessments, and project-based learning are at the forefront of current educational shifts.

In her role as Lead Instructional Coach and Facilitator of the Literacy Coaching Institutes at EMWP, and Teacher Consultant and Coach, she walks with teachers on their own journey toward teacher leadership, both in the classroom and beyond. Her rooted beliefs in continuous improvement with a growth mindset are what challenge and support all types of learners. Her coaching training comes from Cognitive Coaching, Adaptive Schools, Coaching 101, MiExcel Content Coaching (Reading and Writing), and professional readings.

Sarah Lorenz

Sarah Lorenz is the Director of Professional Development at the Eastern Michigan Writing Project. She was a middle and high school teacher and administrator in Novi, Southfield, and Saline. She has worked as an instructional coach in over a dozen schools in Detroit, Pontiac, and Saginaw. She has been involved with the National Writing Project since 1997, serving as state coordinator for the National Writing Projects of Michigan in 2008. She currently presents and coordinates district-wide professional development for a variety of schools in southeastern Michigan.

Rosanne Stark

Rosanne Stark taught elementary grades, middle grades, high school and special education students for Livonia Public Schools for 29 years before becoming a counselor at Midland Public Schools. In addition to her continued support of Livonia Schools in curriculum design, she is an adjunct assistant professor in Madonna’s Teacher Education program, and has served as the university’s practicum supervisor for graduate students.

Rosanne has presented literacy workshops and/or literacy conferences at the local level, county, state, and national levels.  She is trained in Cognitive Coaching, Formative Assessment, and the EMWP Literacy Coaching Institutes. She has also been a member of the Galileo Leadership Consortium, collaborated on curriculum writing committees at the district level for Livonia Public Schools and at the county level for Oakland Schools, and performed literacy coaching training with Wayne RESA.

Margaret Teall

Margaret “Maggie” Teall has been working in elementary education for over fifteen years. Margaret has a master’s degree in Children’s Literature, which grounds her expertise in reading and writing workshop, literature circles, and guided reading.  She has special interest in utilizing student choice and cooperative learning to motivate students and differentiate instruction.  Other areas of expertise include working with ELL students, special education inclusion, gifted education, Formative Assessment strategies, and building positive relationships with parents.

As a literacy coach, Margaret brings a positive belief that every teacher is capable of becoming highly effective.  She sees every teacher's strengths and is especially skilled at building rapport with teachers, providing constructive feedback, and helping facilitate change. Margaret’s understandings of coaching are proven in her proficiency in Coaching 101.

Michelle Vanston    

Michelle has more than 10 years of experience working with children from preschool through fourth grade in all subject areas, but has a passion for teaching literacy. Michelle earned a Bachelor of Science degree in child development and language arts from Michigan State University and a Master in the Art of Teaching degree in reading and language arts from Oakland University.

Michelle Vanston has worked with teachers and students to find their strengths, build on their weaknesses, and discover their passion for learning, mainly by considering data alongside the context of the classroom.  Michelle continues to pursue researching writing fluency, working with ELL students, developing critical literacy skills, and developing a growth mindset with students by analyzing texts, writing and assessments.

Michelle’s training comes from the Oakland Reading Institute, the Eastern Michigan Writing Project, the Michigan Reading Association and Coaching 101.  Her teaching and coaching philosophies have been developed through these experiences as well as professional readings and organizations.

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