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Physical education and health courses are means to allow each student to grow in the
  • Psychomotor (fitness and skills),
  • Cognitive (knowledge), and
  • Affective (personal expression)
areas of development. Focus is placed on the teaching of physical skills, the acquisition of health and fitness knowledge, and a positive attitude towards self and others. My courses emphasize effort, respect, and strong teamwork at all times while allowing each student to progress athis/her own pace.

When teaching a physical skill or instructing fitness activities, I strongly believe in providing clear learning targets and continual positive feedback with an emphasis on respect, collaboration, improvement, and fun. Giving students specific learning targets allows them to know what is expected and providing immediate feedback helps students understand how to improve. Keeping the class atmosphere focused on teamwork and improvement instead of competition and perfection allows students to feel appreciated and free to grow and enjoy physical activities. Also, a focus on cooperation allows students to work with others to achieve a goal, a skill that is necessary in our 21stcentury society. These are critical aspects to keeping students motivated and getting a high level of participation and effort in the physical activity setting.


In addition, students in my classroom are challenged to accept personal responsibility for lifelong health, respect and advocate for the health of self and others, and utilize health related information wisely. I accomplish this through inquiry based learning methods. This means, under direction, the students research and learn about selected topics on their own or in small learning groups. The fundamental approach is to first teach a base of knowledge. Next students are allowed to select a specific topic to research, and finally report back to class their findings with a summative assessment at the end. Health and fitness topics should be taught with the inquiry based methods as we are all personally responsible to be well-informed and advocate for our own well-being and the health of our community.


Upon completion of my class, students will not only have gained a knowledge base in many health and fitness topics, they will more importantly have the ability to research credible and relevant information on any topic, specifically health and fitness topics, and be a personal and community advocate. They will also possess the skills, comprehension, and confidence to work as part of a team and maintain a physically active lifestyle. With these skills, students will be better equipped to live in our society as healthy, happy, and successful adults.