Teaching Experience

Instructor, Brown University

Rhode Island Government and Politics (
POLS1821), Spring 2011 and Spring 2012

Teaching Assistant, Brown University 

Campaigns and Elections (POLS 1120), Fall 2012
    Department of Political Science, Dr. Michael Tesler

Politics of Food (
POLS 1100), Spring 2011
    Department of Political Science, 
Dr. Ross Cheit

Constitutional Law: Governmental Powers (
POLS 1160), Fall 2010 
    Department of Political Science, Steven Calabresi 
        Invited guest lecture, "Selective Draft Law Cases," November 2010    

City Politics (POLS 0220), Spring 2010
    Department of Political Science, Dr. James Morone

Introduction to Public Policy (
POLS 0100), Fall 2009
    Department of Political Science, Dr. Daniel Ehlke
        Invited guest lecture, "Immigration Policy," October 2009
        Invited guest lecture, "Schools and Gun Violence," November 2009

The American Presidency (P
OLS 1130), Spring 2009  
    Department of Political Science, Dr. Wendy Schiller 

Introduction to the American Political Process (
POLS 0010), Fall 2008 
    Department of Political Science, Dr. Wendy Schiller and Dr. Roger Cobb


Teaching Consultant, Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning, 2011-current

Discussion Leader, Sheridan Teaching Seminar, Teaching Certificate 1 Program, 2011-2012

Certified Teacher. 3rd grade Teacher, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 2007 - 2008
Part of the Teach for America Corps. Participated in intensive summer training program. Taught in a high poverty elementary school in East Baton Rouge Parish.