Additional Research Projects

Co-authored projects:

        American County Sheriff Project with Mirya HolmanNational survey in field beginning in August 2012. 500 surveys complete. Papers planned for Spring 2013 conference.

            "There's a New Sheriff in Town: The Power of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in County Sheriff Elections" 

            "I Fought the Law, and the Law Won: The Ideology of County Sheriffs" 

            "Public Officials and a 'Private' Matter: Attitudes and Policies in the County Sheriff Office Regarding Violence Against Women"

            “The American Sheriff and Immigration Attitudes, Policies, and Enforcement at the Local Level”

        "Social Capital and the Puzzle of Black Women's Political Participation" with Mirya Holman. Under review.

        "Urban Voters and Municipal Pension Reform" with Marion Orr and Domingo Morel. Planned for Spring 2013 conference.    

        “My Cup of Tea: Women and Support for the Tea Party” with Mirya Holman and Kaitlin Sidorsky.

  Solo projects:

        "Preaching in a Strange Land: Clergy and Alabama's Immigration Policy" Planned for 2012 APSA, conference canceled.