Welcome to the Zide lab at the University of Delaware


The Epitaxial Materials Engineering Research Group at the University of Delaware is directed by Joshua Zide, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering. Our primary focus is on the growth of high-quality electronic materials for applications in energy conversion and (opto)electronics.

We are primarily interested in novel variations on III-V materials (e.g. metal/semiconductor nanocomposites and dilute bismuthides) and focus heavily on developing control of optical, electronic, and thermal properties for materials which can be applied in devices.

Our group grows samples in the Materials Growth Facility at the University of Delaware.


Inclusion and respect for others are core values of our research group, and we believe that any organization can only thrive when it draws from the full range of talent. We therefore expect all members of our group and all who collaborate with us to respect each other and also the importance of that diversity. We stand against racism, sexism, and every form of discrimination (both explicit and implicit). We stand for a culture where differences amongst us are celebrated rather than feared. In that spirit of inclusion, we expect all group members to feel empowered to stand up for these values.

James, Joshua, Nazifa, and Wilder enjoy the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk after hosting NAMBE 2022

Eris, our previous MBE, has been retired.