Any technology that is distinguishable from magic is not sufficiently advanced.  - Gregory Benford

Technological advances and their eventual impact on library user services can occur at a rapid rate. The time span from nascent idea to product adoption by users is shortening. We have seen how the advent of Library 2.0 has radically shifted the way librarians reach and engage users.


But 2.0 is yesterday’s headline; advances on the technology horizon promise to rapidly reinvent the profession once again. Librarians are expected to be familliar with new advances which impact the access to information.This research guide aggregates key resources which follow and analyze emerging technology trends within the context of libraries.

Scope of this research guide:

This research guide endeavors to assist the academic librarian who needs to quickly scan and familiarize his/herself with technological advances which will impact the library profession in the near future. The resources compiled here represent an overview of academic and librarian institutions, organizations, and professionals which are researching new innovations to further learning and inquiry for end users. 

All the resources presented are freely available on the internet. The first half of the guide directs the librarian to professional luminaries, organizations which are engaging with technology in theoretical and applied ways, and ongoing research developments.

The second half of the research guide focuses on five key technology developments, as identified by the 2010 Horizon Report.

This seminal document annually identifies six emerging innovations which are predicted to have significant impact on teaching and learning within the academy in the next few years. Hence, academic librarians will find this guide useful, as will anyone within the profession looking for a way to conduct a quick yet productive overview of the library technology horizon.

 Contents of this research guide:

Current Research

Professional Affiliations

Luminaries in the Library and Technology Professions

Technology-specific Conferences

A Look at Specific Emerging Technologies (Based on the 2010 Horizon Report):

·         Mobile computing

·         Open content

·         Electronic books

·         Simple augmented reality

·         Gesture-based computing

·         Visual data analysis