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Connected to and inspired by the graduate student conference EMERGING GEOGRAPHIES: MAPPING, TRACKING, AND TRACING, “Midnight University: Navigating Maps” will provide a chance for students to share stories about their encounters with maps or to help rethink the ways we interact with them.  A wide range of media will be presented -- spoken word, performance, photography, and film -- that consider maps in playful and imaginative ways.


Midnight University Schedule 

April 18, 2008, 9pm-midnight
Namaste Lounge @ College 9


9.00 pm           Introduction

9.05 pm           Walking LA | (Sur)facing the City

                        Direction: Sara Wookey
                        Performance: Rosemary Candelario & Erik Finck
                        Sound Design: Michael Deragon
                        Video & Photography: Sara Wookey
                        Text contributions by: Peter Nabokov, Georges Perec & Sara Wookey in collaboration with the                                                                performers and other collaborative participants
                        Voiceover: Rebecca Cox & Eric Lindley

9.40 pm            Decentering Geography:  The Science of Exploration in the Spiritual Lands
                        Presentation by Brent Crosson

9.50pm             Intermission/Set-change

10 pm               Dances from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico

                        Grupo de Danza y Baile Centeotl
                        Artistic Direction: Jenny Robles

10.30pm           Playing Venus: Still Image and Audio Documentary

                        Created by Wan-yin Tang

10.40pm           Your Vagina is Gonna Bleed: A Visual Ethnography
                        Created by Kathryn Hodges

10.50pm           Documentary Film
                        Created by Raquel Castiel
11.00pm           Stageando y Performeando en Santana Row: Documentary Film
                        Created by Patricia Álvarez and Yula Cisneros Montoya   

11.10pm            bad about being korean: Documentary Film
                         Created by Elisa Moon

11.20pm            experimental writing
                         Written and Presented by Stephanie Chan

11.30                 The New Geometry: Multi-media Art Installation
                         Created by Charbel Ackermann