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"Donations for Typhoon Morakot Victims"

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The Devastating Typhoon

The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) issued a land warning on the morning of Aug 6 for Typhoon Morakot, but its power mostly devastates the southern part of Taiwan seriously.

After forming as a tropical depression over the Pacific Ocean about 1,000 km east of the Philippines on August 2, Typhoon Morakot built in power and moved toward Taiwan quickly. It battered Taiwan starting from Aug 7, and pounded Taiwan on Aug 8, unleashing powerful winds and torrential rains. The radius of the typhoon is 250 km and its maximum wind is about 119kph. Its high winds, flooding and mudslide caused hundreds of millions in damage and left hundreds of people homeless or lose their beloved family and friends. The severely impacted areas include the mountainous area of Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, and Taitung.

The Torrential Rains First Seen in 50 Years

With the influence of Typhoon Koni, within a few days, Typhoon Morakot released more than 110 inches of precipitation in the southern part of Taiwan and it is estimated that the number is about to go up still. In 1959, Typhoon Ellen impacted the southern part of Taiwan, causing the well-known the Floods of 1959. The sudden pouring precipitation of Typhoon Morakot was as twice as that of Typhoon Ellen.

Donations for Typhoon Morakot Victims

Mudslides destroying villages

On the early morning of Aug. 9, the big-scaled mudslide caused by torrential rain engulfed Xiaolin Village (小林村), in which about 1,300 people registered to live. Many residents did not escape in time and were buried alive under the rocks and pebbles.

The continuous downpour made the rescue efforts more difficult. So far it is estimated that 108 people are dead and more than 600 people are missing. Namaxia Township was also overwhelmed by the mudslide. All the air and land transportation has been disrupted. So far it is confirmed that in Namaxia Township, there were six people dead.

Rescue Efforts Needed

The heavy floods destroyed roads and bridges, so people are confined by the floods and mudslide. Those people are mainly in the areas of Taitung, Nantou, Pingtung, Tainan and so forth. As time goes by, rescue and resources are urgently needed. The isolated residents are mainly the elderly and children, who need food and medicine the most and their lives are put in grave danger. In the mountainous areas, more distant villages are isolated without help and resources due to the disruption of telecommunication and transportation.  (Edited by dyphav)

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