For Emergency Response

1. Simple Homemade Portable Emergency Kit A simple method for organizing emergency supplies. Simple, color coded and takes up little space, from Tony Marchand, M.D.
2. Homemade Portable Emergency Kit with Knapsack If you carry a knapsack with you, here are the minimal supplies you should have to treat whatever emerg
ency you may encounter, from Tony Marchand, M.D.
3. SOL Emergency Blanket Adventure Medical SOL Survival Blanket Review. Looking at the next generation of emergency blanket. Adventure Medical Kits make a great survival blanket that is worth keeping in your car, home bag or carry with you when you cycle, hike or do other outdoor activities. Also see MedWild SOL Space Blanket.
3. Key Ring Emergency Kit The minimal to carry for emergency encounters. Includes compact CPR mask, with or without protective glove barrier, compact pill case containing chew-able aspirin for possible heart attack victims, and even duct tape (always good in all kinds of emergencies.
4. Benchmark Rescue / Safety 5 Hook Black Soft Sheath3" lightweight tool to quickly cut through clothing for life saving emergency care whether it be to stop bleeding, give CPR or AED. Cost is around $34 but worth every cent. Can carry on belt with enclosed plastic hook, key ring or emergency pack. From Amazon.