Emerald Valley Playback Theatre

Emerald Valley Playback Theatre is dedicated to joyfully serving our community through inspiring improvisational theater. Drawing on our skills in empathy and art, we tap into the magic and mystery of personal story.

Unlike anything you've seen, Playback Theatre draws on the stories from the audience as a source inspiration for our performance. See the PlaybackCentre website for more information about Playback Theatre.

Emerald Valley Playback Theatre has performed for a wide range of public and private audiences including:

Valley West Senior Center
Wellsprings High School
Sexual Assault Support Services
The Forgiveness Project
Non-Violence as a Way of Life Conference
International Human Rights Day
Yes on Measure 49
Eugene Head Injury Support Group
and numerous public performances

Everyone has stories, so let us perform for you!

If you would like to find out more about Playback Theatre or would like to schedule a performance, contact us at:

or 541-343-1926