Upstanding Citizens

There are thousands upon thousands of Upstanding Citizens in our local area. Telling just a very few of their stories makes them more real, more like every one of us. 

Phyllis Hockley

The most frequent comment you may hear about Phyllis: "She's everywhere!" How does she do it?

Dan Bryant

Dan Bryant, pastor of First Christian Church in Eugene, Oregon, tells the story of the origins of, and his hopes for, his advocacy for interfaith and international peace. Recorded in November, 2010.

Laurie Trieger

Laurie Trieger, Executive Director for Lane Coalition for Healthy Active Youth at the time of this video recording, is also co-founder of Homeless Connect for Lane County and also served as the LocalWorks Director for NEDCO. In this video she tells the life-story of her service and activism on behalf of women, families, and children.

Triple Cross Motorcycle Ministry

Bob & Lynn Chambers of Triple Cross feed and help the homeless, a mission which has alleviated their physical pains.  

Laura & Joyce 

Laura DuBois and Joyce Aschim respond to a boy's interest in music and the other needs of his family which has been involved in Saint Vincent DePaul's Interfaith Family Shelter in Eugene, Oregon. Two neighboring churches collaborated to provide space and volunteers to extend the length of stay for the families. These women discovered unexpected ways to make significant and satisfying contributions to the lives of others.

Ryan & Krysta

A family that has been helped by the Saint Vincent dePaul Connections program describes their past troubles, present progress, and future hopes.

Arwen DeSpain

Arwen talks about "Lessons from the Street." Amazing, downright good person.