Action Report Form

Every day most people act in compassionate ways that go un-noticed. Start noticing some of those small things that you do, and you're more likely to do more of them. The same is true of social groups. When the spot-light falls on someone doing good, the rest of us aspire to follow their example. 

If you would like to see a few examples of what other people have done, the Compassion Report Map of Compassion Games International is a great resource as well as a place to report your actions that benefit people outside of Lane County.

So find one act of kindness or generosity -- just one -- no matter how small you may think it to be, and decide to share it. Allow the light of your action to shine. It not only changes your self-image, it changes the identity of the entire city and makes larger acts of compassion possible. You would be doing our community a great service if you would file a report of your action benefitting others within Lane County

It would be most helpful if you would please file a separate report for each action, fundraiser, or project. After each submission there will be a link for additional reporting.