Action Report Form

Every day most people act in compassionate ways that go un-noticed. Start noticing some of those small things that you do, and you're more likely to do more of them. The same is true of social groups. When the spot-light falls on someone doing good, the rest of us aspire to follow their example. 

If you have not seen it yet, take a look at this map of compassionate actions discovered on websites or reported in and around Eugene, including Springfield, from Veneta to Lowell, Creswell to Coburg. You and your friends' reports are the primary ingredients, the nodes of the network. Once a report is filed, it will become an interactive marker on this map. You might also like to see a map of the results of the International Compassion Games.

So find one act of kindness or generosity -- just one -- no matter how small you may think it to be, and decide to share it. Allow the light of your action to shine. It not only changes your self-image, it changes the identity of the entire city and makes larger acts of compassion possible. You would be doing our community a great service if you would file a report of your action benefitting others within Lane County

It would be most helpful if you would please file a separate report for each action, fundraiser, or project. After each submission there will be a link for additional reporting.