Compassionate Actions Map

 This is a map of compassionate actions discovered on websites or reported in and around Eugene, including Springfield, from Veneta to Lowell, Creswell to Coburg.
 You and your friends' reports are the primary ingredients, the nodes of the network. Once a report is filed, it will become an interactive marker on this map. Clicking on a marker opens an information box. You might also like to see a global map posted by the International Compassion Games.

This map will always be "unfinished." It is being built in layers. These are the layers added as of 1.15.16:

Tip: click on the open square in the map's upper right tool bar to go to a full-screen view. That window will have a browsing list in the left side-bar that makes it easier to find a specific listing. Sometimes icons are "stacked," and hidden icons can be discovered by de-selecting the uppermost layer of icons.