Donation Page

The board of ECAN is dedicated to empowering a collaborative team identity associated with central Lane County, Oregon, working together for a sustainable networking platform that facilitates collaboration on social service projects among partner organizations and individuals.

We wish to demonstrate that there is an abundance of sources of love and compassion here, and that once our citizens become self-aware of their similarities there will an exponential scaling up of their impact on social problems. We've set a high goal for the basic funding that can be used to 
launch the products and services that ECAN will provide:
  • Outreach via personal contact and public media to organizations and individuals on the topics of networking, human security, prosperity and quality of life.
  • Implementation of live events, web pages, newsletter and other media that build trust in collaborative relationships.
  • Measure and report the extent of current collaborative efforts and trends.
  • Celebrate successful collaborations
  • Research barriers to and best practices for organizational collaboration
  • Research and develop an index of social progress indicators that is updated every twoyears to show trends.
  • Provide clearinghouse information for individuals and partners seeking collaboration
  • Develop and provide education on the definitions of collaboration, empathy, security, prosperity and quality of life.

Emerald Compassionate Action Network, Inc. (dba ECAN) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, educational and research corporation and is registered in the State of Oregon as a nonprofit corporation (Registry #124043191). A brief history of ECAN is posted on the welcome page. Questions? Comments? Please contact us!
Donations may be made securely online via PayPal by clicking on the donate button, using your PayPal account or a credit card. If you prefer, you may write a check to ECAN and mail it to 4349 Shadow Wood Drive, Eugene, OR 97405.