ECAN began as a vision for "Eugene City of Peace," based on these observations:

  • Global peace will arise from widespread civilian support.
  • Imagination is a powerful engine for social change.
  • There are hundreds of groups and thousands of individuals in Eugene-Springfield that support human security, prosperity, and quality of life, the very definition of a culture of peace.
  • These groups and individuals are often unaware of each other and the potential impact of combining their efforts.

ECAN's mission is to enhance local collaboration and effectiveness so that peace becomes a tangible reality.  

        Why ECAN?

"A vision is a compass. It’s an ideal. It’s vision. Then there’s life: messy, imperfect, resource-constrained, ego-filled. Life as a human being is about moving between these two worlds – the ideal that we hold and are –within, and the messiness of the world.

That’s why a vision serves as a compass, a guiding light – not as a plan to execute.

What matters is that we are moving toward our vision. That we have stepped fully onto the road of pursuing the dream. That we allow our dreams to be a guiding force in our lives.

Calm, trusting, dedicated action taken from that place will pull us closer to the vision." 

---- Tara Sophia Mohr

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