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Hack for a Cause: April 4-8 2018

"Poverty is a projection of toxic shame onto traumatized people, has been in place for centuries, 

and my hope is that the rapid circulation of new information about our inter-dependence 

and the importance of mutual support is the needed trigger for 

an entirely new culture of collaboration, empathy and real security." ~~ David Hazen

The ECAN challenge

Leveraging faith community resources for social impact (click for full text)

has been accepted for the 

Hack for a Cause event 

which will take place during the weekend of April 6 - 8.

I delivered the one minute "pitch” below to the public, announcing our challenge to software developers eager to donate their talents to improving our community’s quality of life with the use of the internet at 

Tech Tuesday, March 6th from 5-7pm at the Barn Light, 924 Willamette St, in downtown Eugene.

"There are at least 66 local places of worship who offer food, clothing or shelter to unhoused people, representing the resources and energy of thousands of volunteers. There are an equal number of religious properties with potential sites for hundreds of conestoga huts, tiny homes or family-sized cottages.

"Imagine what might happen if the faith community were to self-organize into a cooperative learning network that shares not only best practices, but also advocacy efforts for securing funding and policy changes, an interfaith pool of volunteers, as well as awareness of parallel projects and unmet needs.

"Now imagine if that same network, once it is proven successful, were expanded to include all the nonprofits, government agencies, businesses and ad hoc citizen groups that are focused on helping unhoused people. How long would it take to get every last one of the unhoused out of their tents and cars into safe, healthy living situations in which they could prosper and benefit our entire community? Not long, my friends, not long!"

"One of the ongoing issues for agencies and organizations dealing with homelessness in Lane County is they often don’t know what the others are doing. They don’t have an easy way to share information or arrange a collaboration, to ask for help or advice, or to learn about grants or other resources.” Register-Guard editorial, Feb. 3, 2018

"There needs to be a mechanism for better communication and coordination among the agencies, organizations and individuals working to alleviate homelessness. Too often, they don’t know what others are doing. A centralized clearinghouse, perhaps online, could give large and small organizations, government agencies and others a way to share information, ask for help or advice, make needs known, and learn where there are gaps or duplications. This could also provide a venue to share national research, information on grants, information about volunteer and donor needs and calls for help with problems. Lane County’s tech community could be a resource for this." -- Register-Guard editorial, Feb. 18, 2018
David Hazen,
Mar 4, 2018, 7:16 PM