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Power and Possibilities

The Power and Possibilities of Historical Moments By Angeles Arrien

Historical Moments are powerful events that generate openings and possibilities that:

• Uplift and validate the deep values of the human spirit and enhances our desire to be and do better.

• Invite everyone to a deeper collective engagement; to serve, volunteer, support, and problem solve what is needed for the good of all.

• Remind us that the power of interdependence is far greater than fierce independence or excessive dependence; which is powerfully demonstrated in the way nature and the environment manages itself.

• Offer opportunities and possibilities not seen before.

• Restore hope, reinstates courage and bravery, and diminishes fear.

• Challenges us to step into the better natures of ourselves.

• Move us to connect and collaborate to work together in order to make the world a better place for the generations of the future.

• Show us the importance of building bridges across any divide: whether it is inter-generational; economical; multi-racial; multi-cultural or multidisciplinary.

• Challenge us to be flexible; encourages our ability to disagree without being dis- agreeable; or without breaking bonds of affection.

• Reminds us to let go of what does not work and open to what is working.

• Inspire us to become a part of the solution; and to be a creative, unifying force in the world; rather than a separating, factionalizing force in the world.

Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., a cross-cultural anthropologist, is on the faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She is author of The Tarot Handbook, The Fourfold Way and Signs of Life. "Archetypal energies beckon us to live a larger life. We are all healers, warriors, visionaries and teachers -- but often these potentials remain in latent form. Through song, dance, storytelling and meditation we can activate these archetypes."