March Meeting

posted Apr 10, 2013, 8:03 AM by Charlie Pennebaker
Date: March 14, 2013
Location: Matt's House
Members in Attendance: Ryan, Matt, Eliyah, Charlie, Darick
Potential New Members: Nick and Brandon

Club Business:
Beerstock - will occur July 20; it sounds like something we'd like to be involved with. Ryan has volunteered to be our club representative and will work on getting more information.

Meeting location - Eliyah offered to contact some places and see if he can find us a meeting place. If you have any suggestions, let him know.

Upcoming Tech Talks
April - Darick, Belgian sugar experiment
May - Charlie, water salts
June - Matt, off flavors
July - Eliyah, water chemistry
August - ?
September - ?
If you want to volunteer or have an idea for a topic, make it known.

Tech Talk
cleaning and sanitation discussion led by Darick

Brandon - Black IPA
Matt - Pale Ale, almost SMaSH beer
Eliyah - IPA
Ryan - Saison